Executive Summary

This project is an eCommerce application for bidding and buying products. The application deals with two types of users i.e vendors and customers. Customers identify the product for different brands and categories from the site he/she is interested in then they will have the opportunity to bid the product by offering some money. Customers can only bid the product within a specific time range that has been set by the respective vendors. Customer gets notified during the auction period about the status of the bid for the product in mid time range and 6 hours, 1 hour time left to the auction completed.  Customer buys the product if the bid gets success with credit card payment.

Vendors creates the product for sell with necessary information as name, price, delivery cost. Product goes under admin approval after successfully added. At the end of the auction vendor can accept or reject the bids and also can produce the delivery report with xls and pdf formats.

The application is managed through the administrator . The administrator is capable to approve, reject the bids at any point of time and notify customers and vendors responsible for it. It can manage users, categories, brands, products.

About our Client

Retail Company




Ruby on Rails (ROR)