Bird Trailing App

Executive Summary

This application is intended to be published over play store and shall be used by travelers visiting Utah region for Bird Trailing/Watching. This application basically provides detailed information about the bird trailing sites present all over Utah region, distributed within 3 major areas (namely Great Salt Lake Region, Southwest Region, and Eastern Region). Along with the site listing within major regions, user can check details about each site, as well. Information shown for every site is as follows:

• A marked map for easy navigation

• Various seasons preferred for birding in that site

• Different services provided on that site (like fees, camping facility, etc.)

• Brief about the Habitat, Viewing, Access, Notes etc

• List of birds that can be seen, along with their wiki link

• Nearby places, along with details, categorized under 5 main heads

• Sharing options – via Facebook, or Email

About our Client

Mobile Application Company




Android SDK (Min. API 14)