Book a trip Online

Executive Summary

The application is helpful to book a trip online. This application contains easy and simple way to find hotels/holidays as per your need.  Option is there to book travel services as well. You can find holidays and hotel room that suites your need, then can add them to your cart. Once you have booked a product (hotel/holiday), you can add some extra items for this. Ex: If you have booked a hotel room, then you can book breakfast, taxi services as extra for this room.

You can save your cart as quote for future booking or can book your cart immediately by paying a minimum deposit (online direct post method). Minimum deposit will be calculated by the application depending on the products you have selected, the price of the selected product, start date of the trip. You can also edit a quote in future.

This application also has the option for third party agent booking a trip for others. They can have their commission for this from admin. Agents need to login separately for their transactions. They will have commission for each booking.

For admin section FileMaker interface is used. Database will be used by admin to add different products, to create trips for users, to reply questions asked by web user. Database contains all settings for admin tasks. Admin can generate invoice for booked trip and can save it as PDF. They can also generate reports for all the booked trips (based on start month or year, Booked Currency etc), all payments (based on transaction month, year, Currency), according to his requirements.

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