Bugs Reporting Website

Executive Summary

This is a web application designed to mainly help players having an active subscription on our client’s game server to report bugs. It is also developed to help other external partners and staff to process the bugs and act upon them. It is the web interface to Hansoft defect tracking system which is used by the staff to manage defects internally. Users can perform various actions on the bug reports and the status of the bugs can be tracked since their birth.

Major components of the system include the following:

a)    Bugs Site application which manages all the bug reports data

b)    Defect Tracking system Hansoft which manages all the defect data and

c)    Authentication Web Service which manages all the user accounts.

The Bugs Site application interacts with the secure authentication service to authenticate all users who access the site and interacts with the Hansoft application using the Hansoft SDK to access all the defect data.

The key challenges in this project include the integration of three different systems, providing localization and internationalization support, providing cross-browser support, providing a search based system across data stored in multiple languages, implementing user-friendly customizable reports showing various statistics by time periods, making the UI as dynamic as possible for the Bug site admins can edit the UI text description and column names etc, implementing an auto- email feature with a dynamic email content to update a user when there’s a status change in the Bug Report submitted by her also we provided options to save the user’s search queries and to use them at a later time just by selecting from a drop-down.

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