Bus Billing App

Executive Summary

This application is a bus billing management system. The main functionality of the app is to keep track of the amount collected from the customers. It can operate in both online and offline mode.

During the journey passengers board the bus with reserved seat tickets and without tickets. The app has the barcode scanning capability. It scans the printed code on the ticket with the attached barcode reader with the device and allots the seat to the passenger. The passengers without ticket get a printed ticket from the printer attached to the device and a seat from the conductor.

App has the capability to sync the data with the server when it obtains internet connectivity. It can also display several reports basing on the filter criteria, validate the conductor and the bus, keeps track of the amount collected and deposited in depot, validate the agency users to ensure the employee truthfulness, track the GPS coordinates to display the exact bus location to the stations, etc.

About our Client

Transport Company


Logistics and transportation


Windows Mobile 6.5, C#, Dot Net CF, SQL CE