Bus ticket sales and guard management app

Executive Summary

Developed a ticket sales and guard management application. The Guard uses the app in the installed devices to sell the ticket to the customer. Customer can reserve the seat in the bus from ticket counter. The pull sync mechanism syncs the data to the device in order to get the booked ticket details. So, the guard can scan the bar code printed on the ticket and validate it as soon as the passenger wants to board the bus. Due the sync mechanism the app can also operate in the offline mode too.

It allows the inspectors, intermediate stop agencies and controllers to validate the correctness of the tickets sold, money collected, passengers presents in the bus etc.

The guard has the ability to create new services in case the device is offline. Guard can sell and print tickets with/without assigning a seat to the customer depending upon the internet availability.

The device integrated printer prints the tickets for the customers and other mini reports from the device in order to report to the higher authorities as well as the controllers. It also has multilingual support for English and Spanish.

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