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Executive Summary

It is a community site for businesses/companies and their employees to build an organization ring which allows to communicate and enhance the business. This on-line software supplies real business tools with real time access via the internet as well as instant communication globally. There is also a consumer side where businesses can invite their clients to join and participate.

The main purpose of this site is to establish a network between companies. This site allows the companies to communicate and to link with other companies to view and share the company level data only if the company is setup as an associate at the company level. The company can view and share the data externally (with other companies) or internally (within organization). Subscribing companies can select the amount of privacy, individual shared and public information that they are willing to share with other subscribers within the site. They are also allowed to create and invite consumer contacts with specific access to their public data, as well as individual access to specific files, calendaring and other media as well as instant communication. This allows companies to accomplish two tasks – first, to build their own internal communication, informational and organizational loop within their company.  These office functions would then be available worldwide via the portal site and online application and second, to form their own community of business associates, both clients and suppliers that they will be able to access and share information with on a real-time basis.

Each employee of the company will have their own features that mimic the company level as well and this will be maintained within the online application by a company owner or manager and they can elect to add as many employee accounts as is needed for that organization. The functionality of the software includes file (Document, photo, music, video) sharing, calendaring, internal and external email, contact management, real-time chat, and sms texting. Each of the sharing features, including the calendar will have the ability of being marked as private, individually shared to a specific associate, specific group, company shared, associate shared or public (any associate) at the company.

The results of building this business community will be company contact data – that company information will be organized into a third section that is a directory listing. The distinct advantage here is the real-time nature of knowing that a business is active and possibility of our company subscribers listing real-time information from their business main profile that the company decides. They will have the ability to change and keep current with whatever information they need to be listed in the directory – no more stale and irrelevant listings and the ability to briefly list current specials, pricing, specific real-time contacts, service load, etc. They will be able to choose documents, files or multimedia to post in their online directory from their company level sharing. Every companies has been facilitated to appear on top during by the bidding system of this site for every business type of the company. User can bid and can pay the bidding amount through AUTHORIZED.NET.

Key Features of the Site:

– External Communication: Business and consumers can make communicate with Companies to enhance the Network and enhance the business.

– Internal Communication: Companies can establish internal communication within the organization like managing staffs, Groups, Departments and Divisions.

– Managing security level for each staff

– Own Website: Every user can create their own website through this site.

– Resource Managing and Sharing: Every company and user can manage and share their photos, musics, videos, documents etc.

– Real Time Chat: Users of this site has facilitated to chat with other online users of this site.

– Desktop Sharing: Able to contact online meeting. Companies can make group meeting with the facility of sharing the desktop with meeting members.

– Blog: Every Businesses can manage and share their own blogs.

– Groups: Able  to create groups of associates and contacts with common needs for sharing, email and calendaring both chosen from associates and contacts.

– Contacts: Every user can manage contacts, exporting contacts and  importing from other mail(AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Rediff Mail) accounts.

– Appointment Management: Manage online calendar. Using calendar section of the site every user can manage and share their appointments.

– Email: Each users gets a site email address, this area brings up both that and any POP or IMAP accounts they add through their email admin setup

– full email functions through this panel.

– Directory Listing: Section that provides to browse the businesses which are registered with this site. Can be accessible by anyone to browse the businesses by business type and location.

– Audit Trail: All the user activity is captured in the database for administrator reference.

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