Business Management Application

Executive Summary

This is a very vast application developed for a business. Different Modules implemented in this application are as follows:

Product Module: It allows to synchronize items and its detail information from product file to the external data source FileMaker file hosted at client end.

Purchase Module: Added functionality to compare and check expected serial numbers entered for a serialized item and post them to the Inventory.

Contact Module: Added functionality such as Date import, import emails from a template and export it and changed the 8 module navigation system to 16 module navigation.

Sales Module: Added feature of Product options in Product section and allow filtering the items in Sales module with multiple value selection. It has various other functionalities also.

Event Module: Added the feature to revise and duplicate a contract, which enable the functionality to add items along with their parts to a contract.

Accounting Module: Designed a new screen to display all the Posting areas from where items are posted to General/Ledger of Accounting section.

Production Management Module: Added functionality for adding the components to a Production Order by select an item which have components and when that item has been produced, then posting the finished goods to the inventory which will update the Inventory as per number of parts/component utilized.

Sample Data Module: Added functionality to import data (all modules) from an external sample data file to the main application system and vice-versa.

Website Changes: Added functionality to fetch all active and new products, promotional items and active news item to be displayed on the website. Also implemented email functionality.

Ecommerce Module: Integrated the download project from older version of the application to the new version with enabling the ecommerce module with the modification done in the older version of the application.

Administration: Added a new master script to import data from an Excel sheet with different worksheets such as Product, Contact & Accounting, which is present in a specific location in application folder. This will allow importing all the data from the respective worksheet to the corresponding files automatically.

Purchase Requisition Module: Implemented AJAX in Purchase, Pricing page and most of its related pages for enhance the execution speed. Also, we have optimized the code to minimize the database connection from LASSO to FileMaker.

Sample Company Module: Created a new file as a separate module, which will be used to store the good sample data by a single button click from our current system to this file and at the time we need this we can restore them in our current system from this sample file.

Clean Up: Clean up unnecessary fields, table occurrences, value-lists, scripts etc in the application (all modules) using Base Element tool.

Main Module: As per the Business Process selected in Main Menu it will highlight the navigation module icons.

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