Executive Summary

Gartner defines Business process management (BPM) as the discipline of managing processes (rather than tasks) as the means for improving business performance outcomes and operational agility. Thus using a robust Business Process Management system makes the organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.

Few years back Mindfire Solutions was approached by a leading provider of business process workflow solutions globally for a custom software development task that required Mindfire Solutions to customize the client’s existing Business Process Management system to suit its clients’ needs. It has been a long time since and the business process management system is now in its third version and has come a long way from being a Lasso module to an all Java module with an HTML5 annotation for its Artwork Review module. With Java deployment the Business Process Management System is highly automated and can be tweaked according to suit the needs of the clients.

Due to the expert software development services provided and the zeal to take up challenges and grow along with the client, Mindfire Solutions has the privilege of being the primary software services provider to the client. That our team size grew from 1 developer to 8, leaves little to the imagination, of the excellent work done and the popularity of the product among business circles.

About Our Client

Client Description: Business Process Management system provider

Client Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Software


Java, Spring, HTML5, JavaScript, ExtJs, Draw2D, CSS, MySQL, Lasso, Illustrator, Flex, Flash