Cab Scheduling Software

Executive Summary

We developed a cab scheduling application for a cab company which is used to schedule trips of cabs on a daily basis, assign drivers to specific trips and recording details of events and metrics of every trip.

The application takes .dbf file and .txt file as its input. User provides Original Unscheduled Manifest.dbf file and Driver availability text file as inputs. The application then checks for each unscheduled trip and the available drivers. It assigns trips to available drivers only, which satisfies the set company conditions. The drivers are assigned based upon a sequence. The sequence order changes every day as well. The application then checks the timing constraints, maximum number of trips to be assigned to a driver. It also determines the distance between zones for each trip and analyzes which trip should get a trip based upon the distance conditions. It contains an adjacency matrix file which gives the distance between two zip-codes. The application checks whether pick-up for a trip is in the same zone in which the driver ended the previous trip or it is the driver’s first trip or if the pick-up is in the same zone as the home zone for the driver in driver availability file. If any of these conditions satisfies, it assigns the driver to that trip. The application has handled many other such conditions as well.

Then this final scheduled text file in turn is used as an input to an Ms Access report application to allow the user to generate and print the report in vehicle number wise. This report is finally used to assign and send drivers for the trips.

It also contains login functionality for admin. Admin have the control to allow user to use this site. Those IP addresses that are recommended by admin can only access this site. Admin can add/ reject an IP address.

About our Client

Tourism and Travel Company




ASP.Net 2.0, C#.NET, MS Access 2.0/3.0, XML