Candidate Interview Assessment and Reporting System

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secure website which is used to assess the skills of aspiring candidates to help organizations speed up recruitment process.

Candidates are asked to answer a multistep questionnaire, on completion of which, the website processes their answers and sends a detailed report to the employer notifying the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate in a graphical format which aids the organization in taking the final call. This application also has a code management process(buying/selling of codes) which is mandatory for starting a candidate assessment.

The application has been implemented using roles based access model for different roles such as admin, affiliate, employer and candidate.

The admin section lists all participating employers, candidates, affiliates, their personal details, scores etc. The affiliates are responsible for employer referrals for which their commission is also calculated. The application also gives employers the privilege to change different set of colors and texts to change the look and feel of the website as per their requirement.

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