Online Search Module Component

Executive Summary

Client wanted to develop a search module using Joomla communicating to MSSQL database. In addition the client also needed an interface for setting up this search module with specific criteria.

This project was little bit different. Although it was to be developed in Joomla, it had to communicate with MSSQL database for the search module. Since Joomla by-default uses MySQL, we had to create one driver class to communicate with MSSQL database.

All the functionalities were structured around this search module. To implement this search module, one component had to be created which internally uses the credentials to communicate with other databases. This component was based on MVC architecture following Joomla standard for providing better performance.

JoomFish was also integrated keeping in view the functionality of adding different languages to the site as per requirements. So when the admin will add more languages to the site, this component will still be compatible with the new languages.

About our Client

Client Description: Web Designing and Multimedia company

Client Location: Canada

Industry : Software


LAMP, Joomla 1.5, JoomFish, MySQL, MSSQL 2008