Chat App testing

Executive Summary

This is a group messaging app which allows users to have one-to-one and group conversations on any network in India. It allows users to send a fixed number of SMS per day, allowing them to chat with users who do not have the app installed on their mobile phones. The app allows users to share media in form of photos, videos and audio content as well as location sharing facility. The app supports IP messaging and incorporates cloud storage for SMS and media messages sharing. It also allows Facebook and Twitter integration. The app enhances the user experience by adding contextual information to user conversations, allowing them to find a nearby hangout place, check out the latest sports score or book a movie ticket. Our QA team was involved in performing the GUI, Functional, Usability and Performance testing of the chat application with complete reporting of steps performed and bugs encountered. It also reported screen-shots and logs captured during the course of the testing. The QA team followed a blend of scenario based and test case driven approach to test the app installation, sign-up, conversation management, media sharing, location sharing, contact management, notifications, profile and account information management. Besides reporting bugs in the app, a number of enhancements were suggested to improve the app’s usability and to tune it according to the targeted markets.

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