Church Planters Planning and Management System

Executive Summary

Mindfire Solutions Designed and Implemented an application that allows mobilization of leaders to form teams with their like-minded friends who can then work together to establish a new church where they live. In this project, there are three types of users which includes:

1. The site administrator

2. Leaders

3. Catalysts

The site administrator manages and has access to all modules and helps in defining the default tasks for each phase for all leaders. The admin activates the catalyst and leader accounts and manages public page contents. The admin can also access all user profiles and discussions including documents and media they upload. The Leader completes the task by uploading documents related to a specific task assigned by the admin and can send a message to the catalyst for approval. The catalyst edits and reviews the tasks assigned to the leader and helps him in completing his assignments in establishing or planting a church in the neighborhood successfully

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