CMS for website

Executive Summary

This is a flexible, saleable, and easy-to-use web content management system which basically provides services like creating websites, sub-sites under main site and also managing the websites and their content already created. There are basically two grades of users of this CMS application, admin mode and user mode. Users have to purchase the license of the product and will get access to User mode. In User mode users can manage their content by creating sites, sub-sites and can modify content as well after creating. Admins have the full control on the application like managing users, groups, sites, sub-sites etc. There are also couple of other ColdFusion application built to support this main CMS tool, which helps in managing the work between users, Admin, support, developers. These tools help in better coordination between different team of the CMS product and keep track of all progress as well.

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Web Development Company


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Coldfusion 8.0, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript