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Executive Summary

This is a Web client, an integral part of a planning, process management system with collaborative workflow, for magazine publishers, cataloguers, advertising agencies, and others in the publishing industry.

Adobe InDesign CS2 Server is used at the back-end to server requests from the Web client. The other clients or modules are based on Adobe InDesign application plug-in, QuarkXpress application Xtension & Java-based UI client.

The system consists of three tiers: Edition Planning, Production Control, and Workflow. The modules are used to create and maintain the edition plan, keep track of the production and offer workflow to all the users. It also has tools running in the background for administration, automation and connections to other systems.

Web Solutions is the term used for a group of available yet limited features of this CMS over the Web, including Administration, Edition Planning, Workflow management, Reporting, and Story or Article WYSIWYG Editing. As an example, publication staff can review the status of their page process via the Web using a Web browser; they can they can see page or element status, including page thumbnails, print reports, and administer changes.

For story editing activity in a web page, we use TinyMCE editor and an InDesign Server (CS2) plug-in behind the scenes to quickly edit a document or story and generate a preview to be shown.

We used JSP/Struts, MySQL, Adobe InDesign CS2 Server & supported Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer.

About our Client

Publishing Business Domain Products Company


Publishing Industry


C++, XML, Windows, Mac OSX, InDesign/InCopy CS2 SDK, QuarkXpress 7 XDK, JSP/Struts, MySQL, Adobe InDesign CS2 Server, support for Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer