ColdFusion and jQuery for CMS Development

Executive Summary

This is basically a CMS application with extension modules built for specific clients. We have worked on four modules.

1. Module 1 – Extension to diving training CMS web site: This application basically add-on to a diving training service website. It has access labels like admin access, student access, instructor access and general access(guest).

In admin section we have parts such as student, instructor, job, course and dive shop admin. In each section admin can add, edit and delete all details. In instructor access module instructor can add a student. He/she can add certification for the student. In student access module he/she can only view its details. For guests (potential diving students and instructors), the site is a plain view only application.

2. Module 2 – Extension as employee management module for CMS web site: We have worked on employee module of this application. We have designed an employee information form. Also, we have created W2 form for employee with printable and pdf generation functionality.

3. Module 3 – Web Monitor Application: This application works for monitoring all the CMS sites created by our client. It has a web UI, which facilitates addition, edit and deletion of sites to be monitored. The sites could be scheduled to be monitored at a regular interval or can be manually monitored by clicking a button. It makes HTTP requests to different site pages and gathers response from them. If there is a time delay or something unusual observed from the server, then the application fires mail to site admin.

4. Module 4 – Query Builder Application: This application possesses UI to set query and facilitates running of the query to find the output from CMS specific tables.

About our Client

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jQuery, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server. Tools: CF Builder 9