Collaborative Portal for Nurses

Executive Summary

How about developing a portal wherein healthcare professionals, especially neonatal nurses, nationally and internationally could share knowledge, ideas and experiences with each other? This is something that one of our clients from the Healthcare industry in Canada thought of. They wanted this group of professionals to participate in provincial, federal and international health care decision making and policy development regarding the care of newborns and their families through different events.

They had the idea ready but were in search of a reliable development partner who could convert their vision into reality. They came across Mindfire Solutions and shared their idea. In quick time, Mindfire prepared a proposal for the client’s need, suggesting to develop the portal using SharePoint 2007 to best fit their context. Our clients were delighted with the professionalism in Mindfire’s approach and the merit of our proposal and agreed to begin development after going through proposals from other vendors. This SharePoint healthcare case study illustrates how we developed the SharePoint portal to help connect and empower neonatal nurses to work together more efficiently.

About our Client

Client Description: Health Management

Client Location: Canada

Industry: Healthcare

Business Situation

This client’s intent was to develop a portal for neonatal nurses to collaborate among themselves as well as with other healthcare providers, both nationally and internationally, to gather and share information related to healthcare decision making, policy development and care for newborns. The portal was also meant to promote knowledge sharing for effective and innovative approaches for neonatal nursing practices and changes in health policy. Registered users were to be allowed to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with other health care providers who chose to participate. The idea was to develop two different zones, one for the Administrators to handle their required tasks which included content management on different pages and the other for the external users (nurses).

Beyond the basic specifications which were shared by the client, other additional features needed to be incorporated while developing the portal. Mindfire’s offshore SharePoint delivery team rose to the challenge of developing the portal using SharePoint 2007 and delivered it within the agreed upon time frame.


SharePoint 2007, WSS 3.0, ASP.Net 3.5, C#.Net, Ajax, jQuery.