Communication Platform for Service Providers and Customers

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a communications platform that allows for service providers and their clients to communicate with ease. The platform exposes REST APIs that allow for mobile apps to schedule appointments and chat.

Implemented affiliate tracking and commissions for referrals and service providers for payments made by subscribers during signup and during appointment scheduling. Extended the simple system once it was working to create a complex one which adds in customizations for the health care domain. Implemented features that allow medical care providers to respond to random posts in their specialty and get paid for each response.

Integrated with MdToolbox to allow for Rx submissions directly from the application. Ensured HIPPA compliance checks were in place and implemented PCI compliant code for future certification. Implemented a SPA (Single Page Application) that re-used the APIs for the mobile applications and provided for similar features for health care practitioners.

About our Client

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