Community Content Management System

Executive Summary

This is a Content management System, which basically provides services like generating online funds for various organizations, creating websites and also managing websites that are already created.

In the online Website creation section, a user can create websites of their choice. There are various templates provided to the user, and user can select templates, can change the fonts (colors and texts) of their choice and submits the samples. Internally the application creates the CFMs and CSS files (by taking the fonts and templates from the page) and stores in a particular folder for future use. Later users can modify the templates (if needed) and finally submit. After finalizing one template the user can go to the home page of the website. Each time the user access the site the files are picked from the existing contents (CFMs and CSSs created earlier) and output is thrown to the browser which the user sees. The application also has one Online Fundraising feature, which includes various forms, by which an user can donate money.

A user can see all members in his/her site in the online database section and group them. They can choose from different email templates and can create, format and add attachment to emails.

Multimedia content like audios, swfs, images can also be added to the web pages by the help of a mediaEditor created using Flex 3.0.

The content management system has also an ability to create and post applications on Facebook.

About our Client

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ColdFusion (7.x, 8.0), MS SQL Server, Javascript, CSS