Comprehensive Healthcare Portal

Executive Summary

Worked on a comprehensive healthcare-based project that had 5 main portals as described below:

Admin Portal: This web application is integrated with all the other applications and is responsible for the whole flow of the application. It contains all the flags/settings that applies on each and every page of all the portals and also uses to generate reports as well.

Patient Portal: This web application helps the patient to see whether the provider is online (either its phone consultation or video consultation). The main purpose of that portal is to help the patient meet the provider online for routine illness and prescriptions.

Participant Portal: This is a web application where participants can also use tele-medicine services (i.e. see the provider online either through phone consultation or video consultation). The purpose of the portal is to do a HRA work, schedule screening, use tele-medicine service,connect to health coach,etc.

Provider Portal: This web application is used by the provider to see a patient/participant either its phone/video consultation. The Provider can also do a physical examination of patient/participant. The Provider can edit the previous consultation history.

Coaches Portal: This web application is used by coaches  to add company, edit participant basic info, fill HRA , setup and schedule screening, set up and schedule result coaching, enter lab information of participant, generate HRA , provider summary and score card report, schedule initial/regular coaching, etc

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Technologies, EP Plus, iTextSharp, Open TokBox Tool, Jquery.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap.css