Comprehensive Website Solution for a Retail Chain

Executive Summary

This web site is developed in PHP using MySQL and FileMaker as back end databases. The website is built for a company to show the different opened and coming soon stores (salons) run by several franchise tied with the company in different cities or locations.

Google map has been integrated in the website to mark the location of the stores dynamically using Ajax. The stores list are driven from a FileMaker database and displayed on the website. Language translation ability is developed in the website which will allow users to translate the website contents in the language chosen by the user.

There is a section designed in the website where the web viewers can see the service menu along with the price chart offered at many different stores. User friendly Ajax driven search ability have been implemented in this section to allow web visitors to find a store located in their city or any city of their choice and view the services menu.

A Gallery section is built in the website to show the Youtube videos uploaded by the stores under several categories. There is an Employment section built in the website where the new candidates can apply for jobs at their nearest stores. Once the online application is submitted the system sends that application with the all the details on applicant’s professional skills, address and resume to the stores that matches the applicant’s skill sets.

It has a Franchise Opportunities section where the new franchise can apply online to open a new store. There is a section in the website where the academy information provided by the company is shown with the detail information on the classes or training offered at the company, the class schedules and online registration for the classes with the integration of payment through paypal. Light weight jQquery calendar grid has been implemented to display the class schedules and registration form.

The website also has a back end administration site accessed by the administrators and other staffs with limited access privileges. The back end administration site has a highly secured user login functionality. The admin users can manage and control the front end website contents from the back end website. Admin can create new users with giving them limited access to the modules. CKEditor has been used in the back end site to allow admin to add edit text contents in the front end web pages.

The testimonials, FAQs displayed in the front end web site are also managed by the admin in the back end web site. The backend website provides the admin ability to schedule and manage the academy classes, their descriptions, fees per students, seats available. The admin has the ability to add, edit and delete the YouTube videos from the gallery shown in the front end website. Admin can view and edit the employment and franchise application records from the back end website.

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