Content Management System for Print media and Web publishing

Executive Summary

This is a large-scale, role-based CMS system/solution designed on a multi-tier architecture, targeted for Media Houses & Marketing Departments.

It includes composition plug-ins (QuarkXPress Server & Desktop XTensions, Adobe InDesign Server & Desktop Plug-ins) which involve:

a) InDesign/Quark common code above native layer,

b) Common codebase between Server & Desktop, and

c) Common codebase for MacOSX and Windows, used for creating templates and modifying documents

A set of rich Web administrator/user applications and a Eclipse RCP based desktop application are used for Planning, Scheduling, Assigning Work/Resources, Managing & Tracking Resources/Work, Editing, and Publishing.

The system is completely configurable. It supports access privileges, work-sharing/synchronization, and load balancing among concurrent composition plug-ins. It has central CMS servers for storing information in database and file systems. It uses Web-services tiers for communication between the Web-based user interface/applications, Eclipse RCP, and central CMS servers.

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