Corporate Website Development

Executive Summary

The objective was to create a website that has public and private facing user interface. The public facing section contains static content while the private facing section contains dynamic database driven content having administrator and client login functionality. It contains DHTML menu bar, Search menu and Sitemap section that allows users to traverse different sections of website. Contact Us section allows users to submit information about a prospective project by sending an email to appropriate sales personnel. News section gets fed with data through the AJAX call to an IT RSS feed. The website is optimized for search engines by meta tag keywords. Moreover users can search the website contents by using keyword search as well.  The application has two role types, Administrator and Client. The Administrator has rights to perform all functions within the application. They can create accounts and associate clients to accounts, edit client details, they also have the access to view what pages users are viewing the most and least (page hit count statistics), and can also upload and view client documents. Client has the rights to perform the functions within client section for their account; they can upload and view their documents as well.

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ColdFusion 7.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript, AJAX