Cross Browser Load Testing for Home Utility Shopping Portal

Executive Summary

This is a website that contains various home utility products up for display and purchase over the internet. Here client wanted us to perform Cross browser testing, Usability and Load testing.

For cross browser testing and Usability testing different Macintosh and Windows browsers were picked and the site was tested on fixed set of test cases that was provided to us. For Load testing, client was expecting a concurrent load of 1000 users and step up load starting from 10 users and reaching up to 1000 users at various points of time. Client wanted to check the load on 3 given scenarios i.e. Access home page just after login, searching for a Product and Modifying/Adding/Deleting products on the shopping Cart. We took up the task and suggested client Jmeter 2.5.1, an Open source tool to perform load test. We started the tests by creating the test scripts for the mentioned scenarios and then added virtual users and performed test, for both concurrent and step up load.

We provided test report which contains response time for that particular scenario and the error percentage. Also, interpretations based on Graph Reports were provided. Also, suggestions were provided to eliminate bottlenecks based on the Test Report Interpretation.

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