Executive Summary

This client of ours is a sports statistical media company specializing in high school sports. They provided this high school sports statistical data through recording, display and storage of athletic events through multimedia outlets which included online viewing and mobile phone access. They had a range of products and were involved into research and development of their products. Recently, they came up with an Adobe AIR stat recorder application capable of producing box score display with the help of local programmers. They aimed at expanding their scope by developing additional recorder types and link them to an online web server. They also wanted to expand their website services.

Our client is a leading Real Estate Touch Screen Software and Hardware solutions provider for real estate professionals looking to gain the competitive edge in saturated markets. In this case client wanted to create an Adobe AIR interface capable of running in touch screen devices, iPad and android platforms along with web interface, which users can use to browse through to check different properties based on their need. Once they find a suitable property they can then send enquires.

About our Client

Client Description: Real Estate consultant

Client Location: USA

Industry: Real Estate


Adobe Air, Flex 4, PHP, Drupal, Cairngorm, Singleton Pattern & Centralized Event Architecture, SQlite, MySql, AMF.

Tools Used – Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex SDK 4.5.1

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