Custom Login Module

Executive Summary

As per the requirements, we developed an installable DotNetNuke custom module, which provides a login container. This module is only accessible to registered users/ agents of the site and can be installed/ added to any DotNetNuke instance. Main feature of this module is to allow agents to provide their login related credentials and after successful authentication allow them to check air ticket fares as well as other related info.

With a Login module one can validate all input fields to ensure none are empty. The application can call a third party webservice to authenticate users/ agents. If they face error, then they get a display message without refreshing the page. If it is successful then it allows user/ agent to go to an external site. One can store login credentials in session, so that if the same module is present in other page as well, it would show logged-in user state.

About our Client

Travel Company




C#, ASP.Net