Customer and Sales Management

Executive Summary

This application handles all customers, all stores, all store related staffs, store related services, store related customers, store related transactions and after all it summarize total transaction on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. So, this application can be called as one solution for all requirements.

It helps to keep track of all part of a business. It helps us to track number of customers on each day per individual store. Not only customers but also, we can track all other things as well like total revenue per store, top selling services, growth rate of business etc. We can keep track of financial detail with this application. It run in iPads, Mac and PCs. It is a light weight application. The UI is so simple and light weight.

Customer Check-In Check-Out

Customers need to check-in with their phone number, first name and email address. Email address is not compulsory here. After check-in, the system will put them in queue.  Customers in queue will be served when a staff will be ready. Once the customers are served, they need to check out. This application provides the facility to pay the amount as it suits the customers. They can pay by Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cash, Cash or Combination of all or some of these payment process. On each transaction, customers get some loyalty points  and after accumulating some point they can avail loyalty cash. That cash can be used in payment.

Admin Section

Admin always have the full privileges. He can view, delete, create and edit any partners, stores, staffs etc. Admin can view all stores transaction details. He also can assign services to individual stores and set their prices.

Partner Section

Partners are also known as owner. Here a partner can own one or more stores. He can view store details, add, edit his (his stores only) staff details. Owner can see only his store’s transaction details on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

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