Customer Portal

Executive Summary

This application has 2 parts as follows:

I Users

II Administrator

User has following functionalities as mentioned below:

Create a new account: A user can register to application to make any purchase. After successful registration with application, it sends the log-in credentials to user in a mail and also notify the admin about new registration of user with application.

New Order: The user can purchase the goods by selecting and placing an order.

Payment for Order: A user can make payment online. The application uses payment gateway to make the payment of the orders. After making successful payment application, sends an email notification to the user & administrator about the new order.

List Orders: A user can view all his orders made by him.

Edit Or Re-Order: User can edit his older orders and if he wants he can reordered it. He can also make changes like increasing or decresing the number of quantity, add ir remove products.

Administrator has following functionalities:

I Search users.

– View Orders of users.

– Edit user detail.

II List Orders in a date range.

III Get Order total and payment total in a date range.

IV Search a particular order.

Search Users: Users can be searched by their contact name either by partial name or by full name functionality available on Ajax as well with normal post method also.

View Orders: List orders can be viewed from an user and can be edited also. Administrator can also create invoice for the order by viewing the order.

Edit User information: Administrator can edit the user information.

List Order in a date range: Administrator can list the orders by selecting a date range, application displays a list of orders made by all the users of the application in a date range selected by administrator.

Order Total & Payment total: Administrator can view a total summation of the order made and the total payment made in a date range selected by administrator.

Search a Particular Order: the order can be edited or viewed.

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