Event (Sports) Management Application

Executive Summary

The application has 2 sections such as Webservices for mobile application and Web application for user interaction.

In the Webservice , we had built few Webservices to get data from mobile application and create, update database records. Also we had created one Webservice which was used to called by the scheduler to read the POP3 mail account and parse the mail data to the database.

In the Web application, we have created login for administrator, company and users. Administrator is responsible for managing company’s data. Administrator can add, edit or delete company record. Where as company can login to the application to manage its own data and users related to the company. Company can create events and manage events and also company can publish information to Facebook and Twitter if event is successfully assigned to any user.

In the user section, user only can view and search companies and its events. For this application we have integrated Facebook API and Twitteroauth API.

About our Client

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