Customer Work Order Management and Scheduling System

Executive Summary

Designed and Implemented a web 2.0 application for a construction company that allows for the supervisor/manager to schedule construction work/projects for customer properties to the crew. An online ajax based (drag to select) calendar allows for creating bookings for a job/project.

The application has three types of users including the Admin, Manager/Supervisor and Staff (Crew). The Admin has access to all the modules and can create all types of users and also give individuals permission to each module. Individuals can also be assigned to groups and access can be set at the group level. The admin can add different types of vendors, project status, property types, employee types, crew types etc.

The application allows for Projects to be created for properties which have large amount of work to be done. Procurement can be maintained for each customer’s property or project if needed for doing the construction work. Work Orders are assigned for each supervisor associated with property or project and an email is sent to the supervisor whenever he is assigned or a related change occurs in the application for projects and entities he is responsible for.

We implemented a reminder system which sends automated emails to individual crew members based on their schedule. We also implemented a weekly reminder system for customers which sends emails to customers and parties they nominate to receive emails on their behalf. The reminder system is highly customizable and can be over-ridden to set Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual reminders.

We also allowed for the admin to give selected users of the system access to different types of reports which are generated for customer, calendar, work order, procurement, projects & Labor & expense reports.

The technologies used were CodeIgniter, MySQL with jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap for the UI. SVN was used for code management and releases.

About our Client

Construction Company