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Executive Summary

STONE SIM is a software system designed and implemented as a dashboard application to get system status of different systems deployed inside the LAN(we are still testing its functionality over the internet). It basically uses different well known open source applications to provide the system logs and other statistics. Then IDS tries to analyze those logs and statistics to get a sense of the systems. It also features application monitoring in which we monitor application logs using rsyslog on client side and send the to server using tcp where they are analyzed accordingly. All this data is represented in form of charts. We can also generate reports based on these logs and system statistics in pdf, csv and xls formats. The main functionality for the system as follows: – Gather system statistics of different host machines. – Store system statistics in a centralized place – Analyze system statistics and Logs – Gather application logs from client systems – Analyze these application logs on the server side – Notify users if something goes Wrong – Generate reports based on these charts.

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