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Executive Summary

Fully customized Social Engine v3 and integrated templates into the application. Implemented several UI enhancements and customization using AJAX and jQuery in existing modules including, blogs, events, albums and videos. Implemented a customized image gallery, customized dialog box, and used html5 canvas to show preview images, and video tags to display videos. Integrated jQuery plugins like cluetip, autocomplete, datetime picker, dragdrop, slider and colorpicker as a part of UI enhancements.

Also, integrated many 3rd party APIs including facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and soundcloud to fetch user specific data. Implemented the ability for the user to have data consolidated from multiple accounts on each social networking site. Implemented privacy and notifications (including messaging) for the application which allows for limiting access to friends and friends of friends similar to Facebook. Implemented date, location and radius search for various different modules.

Overall, the application implements standard social networking features and in addition allows to consolidate data from and work with multiple social networking and media sharing sites.

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