Data Processor

Executive Summary

This is all about processing of data within files. It mainly comprises of File Download and Upload process. It allows logged in user to upload only Microsoft Excel XLS files using Java Applet. This applet will automatically compress that XLS file into ZIP file before uploading.  If Java is not installed in client machine then it will allow user to upload the file using simple HTTP file upload process with the same ZIP format. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, it will allow payment using PayPal merchant account processing in the PayPal site itself and will redirect to source page after completion of payment processing. After payment has been done successfully, it allows user to download the file specified by the file location given in the database. During create account, it generates a link with a random key used to set password and always saves password in an encoded format in the database. It displays detail information of a file as a report with different format based on its datatypes stored in database. It also gives user auto-login feature and also keeps track of a user’s last access/login time.

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