Data Synchronization between Magento and a Custom .NET ERP

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a Magento based online chemical store that allows the chemical labs to shop for variety chemicals of different concentration. The store uses an ERP system which has all the data management done in the ERP. This ERP then integrates with the Magento store to ensure that data is in sync.

When a customer places an order, the Magento Store generates an XML file which is  pushed to a ftp server and this order is then dispatched to the ERP system at the warehouse where order is processed, packaged and shipped.

Once the order is ready for shipment the cost to ship and the tax amount are calculated, and with other details related to the order are updated within the ERP system. Once details are available, a Magento API is called by a remote script to create a duplicate order of the existing one adding the shipping and the tax cost to the order and the order is dispatched.

About our Client

Manufacturing/Sales Company