Executive Summary

Not everybody finds shopping interesting. Besides, in a way too busy world, where there is a great paucity of time, shopping is often known to be quite a torture. A fraction of the public loves to pick up their goods/services on their own. Some people have to go shopping because they have to. There are some others who procrastinate till they have no other choice. Keeping in mind the busy (and sometimes lazy economy), a number of start-ups have ventured into the business of home delivery of goods. All it needs is to click on an app that guides the buyer through various options of having their purchase bought from one or many shops and delivered at their home.

Mindfire got an opportunity to work on such a project when its Australian client, who is an Entrepreneur, requested us to work on an app that helps mitigate the woes of reluctant shoppers by delivering their goods right at their doorsteps. Our client wanted us to develop an Uber kind of service, for requesting the delivery of items from nearby stores. The user can request for items from multiple stores at a time to be delivered to his doorstep.

Mindfire Solutions developed a delivery platform that connects the Clients and the Service Providers who are two main users of the system. Thus there are two main sections of the app, the Client Section and the Service Provider Section. The delivery system was built on the Symfony2 framework implemented REST APIs for the communication between the app and the server. Websockets were used for the real time updates. PromisePay payment gateway is used for payment processing and storing the card/accounts details securely.

About our Client

Client Description: Entrepreneur

Client Location: Australia

Industry: Online Services, Delivery Platform


PHP, Symfony2, MySQL, Google Maps APIs, Ratchet (Websockets for PHP), ZeroMQ, Sentry (Exception reporting), Plivo (SMS), PromisePay (Payment gateway)