Delivery Service Platform

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a delivery service platform which allows users to request a list of items that they need purchased or picked up from a location and then delivered to the specified destination location. The application then also allows others to sign up as delivery agents and accept the request and then take ownership of the request to deliver. The app allows the users to choose the store from where the items should be purchased from or they can let the delivery agent decide the best nearby store.

Implemented ability to chat where the users can speak to the delivery agents and the agents can chat during the entire delivery process to keep the users updated. Users can also track the entire delivery right from the point where the delivery agent accepts the request to the point it is delivered.

The payment process is online and a user doesn’t have to enter the card details every time as we allow them to securely save this information. After each delivery that a delivery agent completes, amount for the delivery is directly transferred to his bank account. We used Websockets and Message Queues for real time exchange of information and ensuring controlled exchange of information

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