Docket Management System

Executive Summary

This is a web-based application for Docket Management Systems. This application basically manages the Dockets and the Orders issued by the Public Service Commission of the state SC in USA.

Main feature of this project is the provision to Add, View a Docket/NDI. Also, the users can attach Matters to the dockets/NDIs. In Admin there is a provision for adding Hearings to the existing dockets and the authority who is handling the Hearing, will issue corresponding Orders.

This Application provides a complete search functionality for the entire Dockets,Matters and Orders .It includes more than 80,000 pdf files. The SolR search is used for achieving the search functionality in this site.

SOLR Search is used for accomplishing the search functionality in DMS application. Earlier they have used Googles search functionality for this. The SOLR Search is implemented in Docket, Non-Docket and in Orders section. The user can enter a keyword in the search bar for getting any Matters/Orders. When they submit the search keyword, using solr search indexing it will display all the pdf files with that particular keyword.

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