Document Management System

Executive Summary

DMS or the Document Management System is an application developed with the aim of making a Physician’s office paperless. The application handles all the fax and scanned documents in specified folders on the client machine. It lets the user group, classify and upload the documents to the server. The uploaded documents can be viewed and/or further action can be performed on them from the web application. DMS is designed to handle documents efficiently and conveniently.

Various Features:

1.Displaying Documents:

a.The application handles scanned and faxed documents in PDF, JPEG, or TIFF  format.

b.The document pages are displayed in the form of thumbnails.

c.The thumbnails can be viewed in their original size by double clicking them.

2.Patient Search:

a.The application search functionality to search for patients with various search input criteria.

b.The search result is displayed in a tree view.

3.Linking and Classifying Document:

a.The user can link together and classify these thumbnails onto a patient by dragging the link and dropping on a node in tree view which has the list of patients displayed.

b.The document pages are displayed in the form of thumbnails.

4.FTP Documents

a.The linked and classified thumbnails are converted to PDF files before they are FTP’d.

b.DMS uses secure FTP (SFTP) to FTP document.

5.Web Service a.The communication between the database server and DMS is also secure (HTTPS) through a web service.

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