Donation to church application

Executive Summary

This application facilitates the user to make donations to his home church or to the church of his choice using her Android Device. A new user of the application will create an account for her before making any donations. She will do this by registering herself and requesting a username and password. If successfully done, she will provide other personal, bank account and church details. Once the setup is complete, the user is all set to make donations.

The application also provides the user with the facility of changing the Setup information except her username. In addition, there is a functionality to search for churches by Zip Code, Name or GPS location of the church. The application will return a list of churches that correspond to the entered field. If the aforesaid functionality fails to locate the church the user’s church is added to the application’s database within 48 hours, by making her enter the church details such as name, city and state.

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