Driver's Worksheet

Executive Summary

This application is meant for the drivers of a petroleum plant where the driver’s route lists is listed and quantity, inventory and delivery of the products are updated to the database. Usually drivers use iPad or Android tablet PC to access the application. When driver logs into the application, then all the routes are listed for that date. On selecting a route, the related distributor’s address, product list that to be delivered, tank list are appeared on that page. In that page, there is an option for the driver to set the time for arrival at terminal, arrival at customer, finished delivery. For this purpose, the time picker is used and after setting time, these values are updated to the database. Below that part, there is a field where driver can put the bill of lading, which will be populated in the product list.

The driver can change the quantity and bill of lading for each product in the product list. In the right side of the page, driver can view the comments and notes by the distributor. Below that part, tanks details are listed for each product. On selecting a tank, its tank number and it’s useable amount is populated in the calculation area, which resides in the right bottom part of the page. In that calculation area, driver has to enter amount of delivery product, begin and end of stick reading of the tank. Upon depending those inserted values, begin and ending inventory are fetched from the database and variation, ullage, ending book and percentage of variation are calculated and shown on that page which helps the driver to manipulate the things easily.

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