Driving Instruction Management System

Executive Summary

This application is designed and developed for a client who runs a driving school. It works on SaaS model with multiple driving schools using the same application. The application had to support both the class room curriculum as well as the driving lessons.

The driving lessons, the maneuvers, the instructions, test patterns are customizable at state level and also at client level. Every progress of each student is closely monitored and recorded in the application. The certification process is also completely automated by the way of sending mails and other supported documents to the state authority.

The application has three parts namely – Office Operations, Business Operations and Scheduler. Office Operations & Business Operations are designed for back office people so that the students’ progress and billing is kept track of. Apart from that there is a permission matrix set for all employees to use specific pages which is controlled by the Admin. The application also has a student login and the scheduler is real time with instructor and class schedules.

About our Client

Driving School


Driving School


ASP.NET 2.0, SQL 2005