Dynamic Document Management System

Business Situation

The client firm (Leading Adobe Products, Graphics, Collaboration Software Company in CA, USA) had a vision of a possible product/system, which could help meet the requirements of its sales and marketing teams, who are the main people responsible for actual content in many significant documents. The rudimentary need was to focus on sharply reducing the turnaround time on getting the key updates made and delivering for publishing.

The Mindfire Solution

Mindfire took the challenge of shaping up the product/system based on just a set of ideas. Having had experience with such product development, along with expertise in related technologies, the Mindfire team swiftly moved to brainstorming sessions with the client firm’s Product Manager, the primary interface between the engineering team (at Mindfire) and the customer (target markets/user-bases). Having identified the key requirements, we created the product roadmap until the possible third version of the product.The pricing strategy considered two price segments as targets, in a defined sequence. So, we had already thought of at least two different products/solutions.

This browser-based system plays an important role in quick and easy document/content management. This system is essentially designed for the target user-base i.e., for non-InDesign experts/graphic designers dealing with relatively simpler layouts and content. System components: Adobe InDesign Plug-ins, Web Application (Apache/JSP based), Web Service (Apache Tomcat, Axis2/Java based), Database (SQLite based), and a Simple File Server.

Mindfire established a product roadmap and a feasible system architecture/design with respect to each product version, considering the price targets/points for each one.


C++, XML, Windows OS, Mac OSX, InDesign CS2/CS3/CS4 application/plug-in development, Axis2/Java, JSP/Apache, SQLite (file/server), MySQL, Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer browser support etc.


  • Product roadmap design with a 100% acceptance ratio while sticking to price target constraints,

  • Very thin web-based client/user application as an interface to the maturity level-2 SaaS based system,

  • Support for both Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows operating systems,

  • Support for both Safari, FireFox and IE7 without any differences in GUI look and feel,

  • Embedded SQLite based database for single user, moving to proposed MySQL database, continuing the open-source software usage trend to keep the pricing within respectable and exceedingly achievable limits.

Customer Benefits

Mindfire team handled both challenges, also playing an active role in difficult trade-off decisions by getting the right project and getting the project right.