e-Bidding App

Executive Summary

It is an e-commerce application which deals with two types of users i.e vendors and customers.

Customers identify the product for different brands and categories from the site where interested users have the opportunity to bid the product by offering some money. The customer is asked for additional fees(postage & packaging etc.), for what quantity of goods to be purchased. Customers can only bid the product within a specific time range that has been set by the respective vendors.

Vendors have permission to create the product and take some vendor-ship for any product they are interested to sell. They will provide some additional details for postage and packaging of the product, which will be asked to customers at the time of bidding. When vendors approve the bid the customer can only buy the product. Vendors notifies customer after approving and rejecting bids.

The customer and vendors get notification when a bid is approved or rejected. If multiple vendors are interested to sell a single product, then the customer will be informed if there is any difference in additional fees and will be asked to select preferred vendor. If the vendor rejects the same bid the customer can have an opportunity to transact with the non-preferred vendor who can provide product with less price.

The application is managed through the administrator . The administrator is capable to approve, reject vendor-ship for products from different vendors. Also it can approve as well as reject the bids at any point of time and notify customers and vendors responsible for it. It can manage users, categories, brands and products.

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)