Ecommerce App

Executive Summary

The purpose of this app is to help a user to select the best packaging to fit their battery shipping. For that, a user needs to go through 5 steps, i.e. “What are you shipping”, “Battery type”, “Shipping method”, “Category” and “Size”. There is a table named, “Paths” which contains all the possible combination of WhatYouAreShipping, BatteryType, ShippingMethod, and BatteryCategory and Style. And the items on the respective tabs will be shown depending on the paths available. One can’t move forward to next step without selecting anything on current tab, but can go back anytime. After a user selects the path and reaches Size tab, there will be a “Buy Now” button to redirect to the Product buy now page if the product is available, otherwise it would show¬†product unavailable message.

About our Client

Automobile Company




ASP.Net 4.0, SQL Server 2008