eCommerce application for a Snacks company

Executive Summary

Developed an eCommerce application which helps customer to subscribe to different subscription offers. Basically, it deals with 3 types of subscriptions. Customer can sign up to app with normal signup process or with an authenticated Facebook account. On successfully signing up on Facebook, customers can make use of the Like/Share functionality that was implemented.

On successful signup, user can check his subscription list and other account details in my account section. To update any sort of subscription related info customer can go for subscription update page. This facilitates customer to update the payment info, update subscription type, cancel/pause subscription. Subscription will be continued till the payment info are valid. When payment credentials are invalidated related subscriptions will be blocked.

Upcoming orders for customers subscription can be found in snack queue page. Here customer can modify his ordered snacks. Customer can update his snacks pack until the order is locked.

Apart from customer section, admin panel is separately present to manage admin functionalities. From admin panel subscribed orders, customer info, add/modify snacks list can be managed. Admin can manage coupon codes which provides discount on newly signed up subscriptions first order. Admin user can manage subscription price in the subscription section and the same value must match with the plans set over Braintree. Another important section blog can be managed from this admin panel. The newsletter signup functionality was also implemented for customers to sign up for monthly newsletters

About our Client

Retail Company




Ruby on Rails (ROR)