Ecommerce Platform for Spray Foam Business

Executive Summary

The Spray Foam Industry has evolved significantly, embracing advanced technologies for efficiency. Our client, a leading player in the spray foam industry, aimed to modernize their operations and stay competitive. So we built an e-commerce solution to assist in selling construction-related products and book events. Within the app, users can browse and select products and events, add them to the cart, proceed to the checkout section, and securely purchase items using the Stripe payment gateway. Essential information, such as profile details, saved addresses, wish lists (favorite items), and order history, can be accessed conveniently through the drawer menu. Overall, the solution can infuse high levels of efficiency in managing operations for companies in the spray foam sector. This case study explores the development of the comprehensive solution — combining a web application, mobile application, and a robust backend system.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: USA

Industry: eCommerce


Technology:  Laravel (PHP), React Native (front end) 0.70.2

Platform:  Web Application, Cross-platform (iOS/Android)

Database:  MySQL

Cloud Services:  AWS EC2, IAM, S3, RDS, SES

IDE:  Xcode, Visual Studio, Android Studio, PHP Storm

Third-party Libs:  Twilio , Stripe, UPS, Red River, Infusionsoft, GoHighLevel, NetSuite, Firebase, Pro IP, Google Map, DocuSign, Xverify, Google Translate

Packaging: Homebrew, watchman, yarn


ecommerce platform for spray foam business