Executive Summary

The client wanted to build an application which will help medical students to learn about different diseases. The diseases with the symptoms and related case studies get assigned by the professors to students depending on the area of medical science they belong to. Depending on the details assigned to a student, he/she has to answer a series of questionnaires in order to complete the study cycle on a particular topic. The push notifications and alerts help the users to keep notified and alerted. This application runs in iOS and Android platforms in mobile devices.

We used the “Write Once, Run Everywhere” PhoneGap Framework which is simply one of the most compatible open-source mobile applications in the market. This Framework is smart enough to rapidly build apps with a native look and feel by consuming the native APIs for all major smart phone operating systems (Android, iOS).

About Our Client

Client: Software Service Provider

Location: USA

Industry: Healthcare


PhoneGap, iOS SDK, Android SDK, HTML5, JavaScript

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