EMR - Microsoft HealthVault Integration

Executive Summary

The users of EMR wanted their patients to access their Health Record Globally and HealthVault is a platform that allows users to store their health information online and use it whenever and wherever they want. So we automated the process of entering the data to HealthVault by creating a windows service and transferring the EMR data to HealthVault.

If a new patient visits a clinic and has some diagnosis and other related data, the application auto integrates them into the HealthVault. The new patient is first registered on the HealthVault and a confirmation mail is sent to the patient. As soon as the patient confirms his/her HealthVault id, the EMR records are transferred to the HealthVault and the patient can easily access his/her health records over HealthVault Account.

The process has been automated in the form of a background service and the end user does not has to do anything extra apart from logging the EMR record for a patient.

About our Client

HealthCare Company




C#.NET, Windows Service, sFTP, HL-7, MySql, CPT Codes, ICD Codes