Energy Project

Executive Summary

We developed a website for our client where people can manage their carbon footprints. By using electrical appliances, traveling via automobiles etc., we produce carbon which affects the environment. With this we can calculate its total amount and also learn to compensate through various activities. We can sponsor various projects which are dedicated help the environment like Green house projects, biogas generation project etc. It’s like a social game where people can compete with others and become ‘green citizens’ based on how much they have compensated. They can win various badges by doing various activities like making friends, compensating, buying solars etc. It’s integrated with facebook and other prime social media channels so that people can share their contribution to the environment with their friends.

For this application we have mainly worked on social networking site integration which includes authentication, sharing events, inviting friends. Besides that we have also added the badge module for the users section and also created the administrator panel to manage the site data.

About our Client

Energy Company




Ruby on Rails (ROR)